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Dulet French Bulldogs




Another First!!!!!

This little ball of joy is Liza's -(Dreamlands Lost My Genes In Vegas d'Assisi) first and only daughter! She is my first home bred girl. She is so sweet and reminds my so much of her mother! Tris is sired by Lori Hunt's Bryck -(CH. Brick By Bryck d'Assisi).

Now retired from the show ring taking up the role of loving pet and producing beautiful offspring!


Oct. 29th 2017 - Tris finishes her AKC Championship in style at Delaware, Ohio (under judge Peggy Haas) taking winners bitch, best of winners, best of opposite sex. 

Tris takes winners bitch and best of winners in Hamilton, Ohio under Judge Robert Hutton!  

Tris takes winners bitch and best of opposite sex in Eaton, Ohio under Judge Jeffery M. Bazell!

Tris takes winners bitch for her 2nd major win in Columbus, Ohio April 2016.   

This was a fantastic day of winning because her brother also took winners dog for his 2nd major!!!!! 

This little spit-fire is a challenge to show simply because she is a bundle of energy and loves people!   

Only 3 single points to finish.....I have a feeling she is going to make me work for them.    

February 6th 2015,

Very 1st show. 7 month old Tris takes a HUGE 4 pt major win under judge

Dr. Andreas Schemel from the bred by exhibitor class. So very proud of this little girl!

April 19th 2015

10 month old Tris takes winners, best of opposite and best owner handler under judge Walter L. Bloom 

April 25th & 26th 2015


Tris wins both days in Eaton, OH under judges George Boulton and Mary Miller. So very proud of this little girl!


<fontsninja-text id="fontsninja-text-425" class="fontsninja-family-29066">Breeders Assistant HTML Pedigree</fontsninja-text>
Pedigree Of Dulet's Meditate on This d'Assisi
BreedFrench Bulldog
BreederTiffany Dukes & Lori Hunt, DVM
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
American Champion Maybes Denim Blue d'Assisi CGC, ROMbAmerican Champion Jumeau's Hanky Panky Blues CGC, ROMgAM CH Heike's Bad Bad Leroy BrownAM CH Stewart's Buster Brown
AM CH Heike's Mercedes
AM CH Heike's Ginger BlueAM CH Cox's Goodtime Charlie Brown
AM CH Petit April Amour Pin Crete
Maybes The Story In Your EyesAM CH Briarpatch's Sam I AmBIS AM CH C And D's Laboss Mon Buntin
AM CH C And D's Samantha
Jumeaus Maybe a Heartbreaker CDBIS AM CH Jumeaus Bullistic Blue Jensign
AM CH Jumeau's Cuerva Especial
Dreamlands Lost My Genes in Vegas d'Assisi CGCAmerican Grand Champion Forever in Blue Genes d'Assisi CGC, ROMbAM CH Jumeau's Hanky Panky Blues CGC, ROMgAM CH Heike's Bad Bad Leroy Brown
AM CH Heike's Ginger Blue
AM CH Jewel Thief d'Assisi CGC, ROMpAM CH Petty Thief Of My Heart
Stellar's Mad About Blue D'Assisi CGC
American Champion Dreamlands Maybes She's The Lucky OneAM CH Maybes Eyes of a ChildBIS AM CH Celestial Whereforarthou
Maybes The Story In Your Eyes
Scharmant-Box NikiQuestor Von Glandorf
Scharmant-Box Samanta
Produced using Breeders Assistant for Dogs Pedigree Software (tel: +44 1223 290291), Trial Edition licensed to Dr. Lori Hunt.


Dreamlands Lost My Genes In Vegas d'Assisi CGC 

CH Brick By Bryck d'Assisi