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Dulet French Bulldogs



Demi is the next of the rising stars at Dulet! This little beauty is out of my girl Chanel - Fashion Forward d'Assisi CGC -(bred by Lori Hunt and owned by me) and Tai - Dulet's Meditate On This d'Assisi CGC.who is bred by myself and Lori Hunt and owned by me. This breeding is special to me because both Chanel and Tai are sired by my sweet boy Levi - CH Maybe's Denim Blue d'Assisi. My Liza - Lost My Gene's In Vegas d'Assisi (whom I just lost this year 12.8.17) is also part of this pedigree. So this little cutie builds off my foundation truly embracing my passion "WHERE THROUGH OLD THINGS, WE LEARN NEW ONES"    

Look for Demi in the ring in 2018

A special thanks to my dear friend and mentor Lori Hunt for all you do. A mentor is a precious gift to have. It was one of my personal requirements of purchasing my first Frenchie. Without her I would not have succeeded at my goals with this breed and I am truly blessed to have walked this path with her over the years.   

-Tiffany Dukes 


DAM: Fashion Forward d'Assisi CGC -Chanel

SIRE: Dulets Meditate On This d'Assisi CGC -Tai